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“I received the DVDs.  Happy days!  I watched the first one and was bowled over!  You are a wonderful teacher…clear, measured, engaging, and very easy on the eye.  I just wish I could attend your class, but, never mind….the DVDs are the next best thing! “    Mary Mallon Sallee, France 
New! Now available, the long awaited ...

Painting with Oils 
Like a Renaissance Master
This DVD was created to replace #1, since the original Master Tape wore out. It includes brand new information describing specific characteristics of the Classical Academic technique. A concise art course, revealing the Masters' underpainting procedure by exposing their unfinished paintings in process. 87 minutes

Painting Accurate Values 
in Verdaccio
87 minutes

Chiaroscuro and Oil Portraiture
A Demonstration of the Popular Rub Out Technique for Underpainting
60 minutes

Painting Portraits in the Manner 
of Rembrandt and Titian
A Tactile Approach to Overpainting Using the Covino Controlled Palette
110 minutes

Portrait Underpainting 
in Tinted Gesso
Covino Paints a Grisaille in the Manner of David and Ingres
90 minutes

Coloring the High-Keyed Portrait with Oils (2 DVDs)
DVD #5A Part 1: An Impressionist Formula for Backgrounds, 83 minutes and DVD #5B Part 2: An In-Depth Analysis of Flesh Tones Mixed on the Controlled Palette, 73 minutes
156 minutes

Learning to Paint 
from a Workshop
Spend an hour with Frank and his students taped during a workshop seminar in Marble Falls, Texas. Then plan on one for your group!
60 minutes

Mixing & Applying Flesh Tones Over Verdaccio
Treasured Secrets of the Old Masters Portraitists. Covino applies flesh tones to a verdaccio underpainting.
96 minutes

Alto Relievo
A vital experience of the aspiring portrait painter sculpting the face in clay and casting in artificial marble.
96 minutes

Pastel Portraits
A controlled academic approach applying pastel color over a pastel grisaille portrait.
96 minutes

“Thank you so much for the DVDs.
I have really enjoyed watching them and can’t wait to learn more."
Susan Gates, Australia

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