Nationwide Workshops

In the May 2000 issue, The Artist's Magazine named the Frank Covino Workshops to be ONE OF THE FIVE BEST WORKSHOPS IN THE COUNTRY.  Student testimonials often remark they have learned more from Frank's instruction and demonstrations than from four years of study at their college or university!

“You have changed my life. The gift of your academic realism is such a blessed joy.  I am proud to be your student. That you would unselfishly spend your time teaching us students how to paint when you could have been doing your own thing is a gift from God.”                                                      -Rebecca Tininenko

Due to popular request, Frank will no longer be allowing LIQUIN brand Alkyd Medium in his classes. All students are hereby asked to replace their LIQUIN with an ODORLESS alkyd medium ... (many brands available, just be certain it specifies ODORLESS!!!! M.Graham Walnut Oil Alkyd Medium is odorless and the brand  recommended by Frank!!!). He will of course still be using his traditional formula Frank Covino Oil Painting Medium as the primary medium.
As all students know, the  use of alkyd by Frank is ONLY in the 5 day workshop setting: FRANK NEVER USES ALKYD in a professional capacity. It is solely to aid in drying the underpainting during the classes , to allow for the full 5 day schedule of work. Alkyd has no place in a professional artwork... only as a teaching tool. THE NEWER ODORLESS ALKYD IS A HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE AND WILL BE MANDATORY GOING FORWARD. Thank you for your compliance.

   2016  Frank Covino Art Seminar Schedule      
                                T e n t a t i v e… of December 30, 2015
              DATE                       AREA                               COORDINATOR                           TELEPHONE

Jan.11-15 &18-22  ( 2 CLASSES) Ft.Myers, FL  Pat Dunker   937/ 271-4798

Feb.22-26       Denver, Colorado               Monte Moore           303/ 901-1870
Mar.7-11         Dallas area, TX.                      Jan Martin           972/ 838-2556                           
Mar.14-18       Salt Lake City, Utah     Heather Kennedy          435/ 840-8725
Mar. 21-25       Denver, Colorado.           Monte Moore            303/ 901-1870

April 11-15    Phoenix  area, AZ             Charlene Higley         480/ 246-4157
April 18-22   Oakley, California           Melody Chapman         925/ 584-4898

May 2-6       Southport, Conn.                Melissa Barbieri         860/ 575-2441

May 16-20   Covino Studio, VT     Barbara Jean Covino           802/496-2513
     (  All Covino Studio classes  offer  a 7 STUDENT LIMIT   and 2 per room,  LOW COST LODGING ) 
June 6-10     Covino Studio, Vt.     Barbara Jean  Covino         802/ 496-2513

June 20-24    Boise, Idaho                        Vickie Hatfield         208/ 989-3746

July 13-17    Covino Studio, Vt .     Barbara Jean Covino         802/ 496-2513
July  25-29    Raleigh, N.C.                            Gerry Siver          919/422-6803

Aug. 8-12      Baudette, Minnesota               Jane Sindelir          218/341-9692
Aug. 15-19    Second Baudette,  Mn.            Jane Sindelir          218341-9692

Sept. 12-16    Dallas area. TX.                         Jan Martin         972/838-2556
Sept. 19-23  Denver area, Colorado          Jackie Wheeler         720/ 402-4537    
Sept.26-30    Covino Studio,VT.      Barbara Jean Covino          802/496-2513                   

Oct. 3-7       Covino Studio, VT .    Barbara Jean Covino          802/ 496-2513
Oct.10-14    Covino Studio, VT.     Barbara Jean Covino          802/ 496-2513    

Nov. 14-18   Phoenix, AZ.                     Charlene Higley          480/ 246-4157  
Nov.28-Dec.2    Salt Lake City             Heather Kennedy         435/ 840-8725

Dec. 12-16   Southport, Conn.                Melissa Barbieri           860/ 575-2441

2015  Frank Covino Art Seminar Schedule 
  DATE                   AREA_                         COORDINATOR                         TELEPHONE

Jan.12-16             Ft.Myers, FL                          Pat Dunker                       937/ 271-4798
Jan. 19-23            Ft.Myers, FL                          Pat Dunker                       937/ 271-4798
Jan. 26-30           Marco Island, FL.                  Pat Dunker                       239/ 689-8559

Feb. 23-27              Denver, CO.                             Monte Moore                      303/ 901-1870
Mar. 9-13            Dallas area, TX.                                 Jan Martin                     972/ 838-2556                           
Mar.16-20    Salt Lake City, Utah                      Heather Kennedy                    435/ 840-8725
Mar.30-Apr. 3   Trilogy @ Vistancia, AZ.                    Bill Porter                     505/216-0639

April 6-10              Phoenix area, AZ                   Charlene Higley                    480/ 246-4157  

April 20-24            Covino Studio, Vt.          Barbara Jean Covino                    802/ 496-2513
May 11-15            Covino Studio, Vt.           Barbara Jean Covino                    802/ 496-2513                 
      ( Covino Studio,VT. classes offer a 7 student limit &  FREE LODGING  )     
June 22-26                  Boise, Idaho                          Vickie Hatfield                 208/989-3746
July 6-10           Wesleyan College, Tenn.                  Katie Morgan                  423/ 920-0496
July 13-17         Covino Studio, Vt .                     Barbara Jean Covino             802/ 496-2513
July   27-31        Raleigh, N.C.                              Gerry Siver                            919/ 422-6803

August 1-5       Baudette, Minnesota                         Jane Sindelir                218/ 341-9692
Aug. 8-12        Second Baudette,  Mn.                     Jane Sindelir                 218/ 341-9692

Sept 14-18       Greenwich, CT                         Melissa Barbieri                        203/622-6975
Sept. 21-25       Denver area, Colorado                Jackie Wheeler               720/ 402-4537 

Oct. 5-9               Covino Studio, VT .             Barbara Jean Covino                   802/ 496-2513
Oct.12-16            Covino Studio, VT.              Barbara Jean Covino                   802/ 496-2513    
Oct.19-23   Charlottesville, Virginia                                   Jill Avert                   434/ 361-0127 

Nov.2-6              Oakley, California                        Melody Chapman                 925/ 584-4898
Nov. 9-13              Phoenix, AZ.                            Charlene Higley                 480/ 246-4157    Nov.30-Dec.4           Salt Lake City                         Heather Kennedy                 435/ 840-8725

December 7-11     Southport, Conn.                       Melissa Barbieri                    860/  575-2441

2014   Art Class Schedule

Jan. 13-17  Fort Meyers, FL  Dorothy Salcedo  239/ 826-7708

Jan. 20-24  Fort Meyers, FL  Julie Griffin  239/936-3751      

Jan.  27-31  Marco Island, FL  Elaine Michaelis  239-394-4221   

Feb. 10-14  Dallas area, TX  Jennifer Funk 214/563-3019   

Feb. 17-21  Houston, TX  Tina Farrell  713/819-0818

Mar. 10-14  Salt Lake City, Utah  Heather Kennedy  435/840-8725

Mar.17-21   Denver, CO    Tina Gaede   602/628-0985

April  7-11   Phoenix, AZ    Karen Van Natter   602/692-9978

(All Covino Studio classes offer a 7 student limit,  plus FREE LODGING)

April 28-May 2   Covino Studio, VT    Barbara Jean Covino   802/496-2513

May 5-9 and May 19-23  Covino Studio, VT    Barbara Jean Covino  802/496-2513              

June 9-13     Covino Studio, VT  Barbara Jean Covino  802/496-2513

June 16th-20th   San Francisco area    Melody Chapman (coordinator)   925 / 584-4898
June 23-27    Boise, ID    Vickie Hatfield   208/461-8390

July 14-18    Covino Studio, VT  Barbara Jean Covino      802/496-2513

July   28-Aug.1   Raleigh, NC  Marcelle Hooks  919/906-2636 

Aug.4-8   2nd Raleigh, NC Class    Marcelle Hooks   919/906-2636

Aug. 11-15       Baudette, MN  Jane Sindelir   218/341-9692

Aug. 18-22      Baudette, MN  Jane Sindelir   218/341-9692

Sept. 15-19      Denver, CO  Tina Gaede  602/628-0985

Sept. 22-26    Dallas area, TX   Jennifer Funk   214/563-3019

Sept.29-Oct.3   Sugarush Ski Area, VT   Barbara Jean Covino  802/496-2513 

Oct. 6-10   Covino Studio, VT  Barbara Jean Covino             802/496-2513

Oct. 13-17 Covino Studio, VT  Barbara Jean Covino 802/496-2513

Oct. 20-24  San Francisco area    Melody Chapman (coordinator)   925 / 584-4898
Oct.  27-31    Phoenix, AZ  Karen Van Natter                      602/ 692-9978
Nov. 3-7   Phoenix, AZ  Karen Van Natter 602/692-9978

Nov. 17-21  Covino Studio, VT   Barbara Jean Covino      802/496-2513

December 1-5    Salt Lake City, UT   Heather Kennedy  435/840-8725

2013 Covino Academy of Art Schedule

June 3-7 Covino Studio, VT ( limit: 7 ) - Barbi Covino (802) 496-2513
June 17-24 Boise, ID - Vickie Hatfield (208) 461-8390
June 24-28 Boise, ID - Vickie Hatfield (208) 461-8390

July 8-12 Covino Studio, VT ( limit: 7 ) - Barbi Covino (802) 496-2513
July 22-26 Raleigh, NC - Marcelle Hooks (919) 906-2636
July 29-Aug. 2 Raleigh, NC - Marcelle Hooks (919) 906-2636

Aug. 5-9 Baudette, MN - Jane Sindelir (218) 341-9692
Aug. 12-16 Baudette, MN - Jane Sindelir (218) 341-9692

Sept. 9-13 McKinney, TX - Jennifer Funk (214) 563-3019 

Sept. 30-Oct. 4 Sugarbush Ski Lodge, VT - Barbi Covino (802) 496-2513

Oct. 7-11 Covino Studio, VT (limit 6)- Barb Covino (802) 496-2513
NEW. NEW , NEW!!!!   
OCT 14 - 18 Covino Studio, VT (limit 7) Barb Covino  (802) 496-2513 
Oct. 21-25 Houston, TX  - Tina Farrell (713) 819-0818
Oct. 28-Nov. 1 Phoenix, AZ - Karen Van Natter (602) 692-9978

November 4 - 8 Covino Studio, VT  Barb Covino (802) 496- 2513 
Nov. 11-15 Salt Lake City Utah - Heather Kennedy (435) 840-8725
Nov. 18-22 Covino Studio, VT  Barb Covino (802) 496- 2513 

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What you can expect from a Covino Workshop:
     Frank’s classes are not solely performances of his proficiency. He teaches Art History and Renaissance technique by lecture and demonstration, correcting student work at their easel, with other students observing and taking notes. “I might paint an entire eye on a student’s painting, while others observe and take notes. The other eye would cost the student 25,000 dollars, so they pay close attention!” Such one on one guidance requires a limitation of no more than 12 students in each class. Summer classes in the artist’s Vermont studio are limited to no more than 6 dedicated students!

Barbara Jean and Frank Covino's VT Chalet and Studio.  "We'll leave the light on for you..."
     New students are required to complete a minimum of five Old Master replicas, before creating contemporary portraits. “As any musician will attest, we learn to create significant art by copying significant art. Recreating a portrait masterpiece from the 16th through the 19th centuries can be compared to playing a Beethoven Sonata with precision. A piano student does not expect her music teacher to say, at her first class, “Sit down and play something, and I’ll tell you what you are doing wrong!”…but this is how most art classes are conducted, Frank has observed.

     Vital information and personal guidance from an Italian-American artist who has several decades of experience in the craft of his ancestors along with Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Art Teacher Education from Pratt Institute. Covino conducts more Nationwide Workshops than any other professional artist in the country.

     The Covino Controlled Palette©, similar to the palette of Leonardo da Vinci, which inspired such notable illustrators as Howard Pyle, N.C. Wyeth, Harvey Dunn, Frank Reilly and their followers, uses a graduated range of gray values. Covino's use of the Italian Il Metodo Grata ensures accurate likeness. He encourages the use of photography in class, but Recomporre, the Italian solution to creative composition via the ancient Golden Mean is constantly stressed, in an effort to perpetuate the Classical Academic tradition.

     Photographic reference permits a variety of subject matter created in the same classroom, offering a much broader range of art education than you would receive in a workshop where everyone paints from the same model.

     Individual guidance is guaranteed as classes are limited (from 10 to 15 students) and Frank does not leave until he has spent some time at every easel. Few artists have studied with Frank Covino who have not returned for further guidance. Since he began teaching in 1962, he has helped to create over 30,000 works of art in his classroom. Frank Covino Students are among the highest paid semi-professional artists in the world.