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     Frank has authored three major Art Instruction Books defining his ancient craft.  Each publication sold out in two years, and the original books are only accessible, at great cost, from book search companies like  They are also in the collection of major libraries here and abroad.  For laser printed B&W copies, contact Frank's distributor, listed below.

The Fine Art of Portraiture
Van Nostrand- Reinhold, NYC. 1970
This first book by Covino took seven years to come to fruition. An excellent tome defending the classical academic system, with illustrations including the paintings of Covino and step-by-step procedures, principally focused on the brown underpainting-Venetian approach of "Togliere Srofinando" (or rub-out technique) plus a controlled palette described by Giovanni Boltraffio in the 15th Century.
176 pages ............................$30

Discover Acrylics With Frank Covino
Watson-Guptill, NYC 1972
An honest discovery, Covino confesses to never having used the acrylic medium before. In the next hundred and fifty pages we witness the artist taming the medium "to make it look like oils".
This makes some fascinating text to illustrate the paintings of the author, plus a revelation of practical approaches to the quick drying medium‘s storage and application. Also included is Covino’s novel improvement of the ancient's "graph method" for accurate portraiture, a flawless approach to achieving "likeness" by narrowing the focus of the artist.
135 pages....................................$30

Controlled Painting
North Light Books, Cin 1982
While many of the color and design theories in this book echo, "The Fine Art Of Portraiture", this book focuses more upon the Florentine Renaissance preference of rendering underpaintings in gray-green, or "Verdaccio", a technique since adopted by the artist, especially for the creation of flesh tones. Covino's books speak to serious artists who wish to vie with the Masters; they will not appeal to dilettantes who are looking for quick art of shallow dimension.
159 pages............$30

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