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Frank Covino Renaissance Gesso © Old Master favored ingredients with permanent polymer emulsion replacing antiquated hide glue. Dries Matte, rock hard and more absorbent with True Grit Marble Dust. Ideal surface for sketching and painting with oils on wood panels. Pastel painters can now produce their work on more permanent hard board, rolling the gesso for a sandy grit. Can be tinted with Acrylic for color. True bonded Marble, this Gesso can be carved, scratched or sanded. Sculptors like it for Slush Mold Casting!
Pint $18
Gallon $60

Frank Covino Oil Painting Medium © An ancient formula that can be used in oil paint and as a glazing diluent to produce the permanent centuries-tested effect of Old Master Paintings. Safer than litharge. More clear and less susceptible to darkening than any black oil.
4 oz. $10
8 oz. $22 
16oz. $44

Covino Controlled Palette © In following a Classical Academic approach to painting with the use of this Controlled Palette, you are perpetuating a method formulated and mastered by the great painters of the renaissance, with Leonardo da Vinci at the helm. It took almost five centuries from then for color theoretician Albert H. Munsell to formulate a color identification vocabulary to support the method, and another half a century before the brilliant art educator Frank Reilly introduced a primitive controlled palette to the Art Students League in NYC. Covino's Controlled Palette is an improved logical culmination of all that scientific thinking, the first graphic tool to facilitate color mixing of consistent values and the reduction of intensity by the addition of a corresponding neutral gray value. Munsell would approve.
$38 each

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