Student Testimonials

Clips from student letters to Frank Covino

“Thank you so much for the DVDs. I have really enjoyed watching them and can’t wait to learn more. I loved your comments about The Emperor’s New Clothes, and I was so taken with your quote about “untalented attacks on canvas by legions of the technically inadequate.“  I’m likely to be thrown out of some galleries here for gleefully repeating it.  I think you are right. The true revolutionary artists today are people like you, Frank…”
                                                                           Susan Gates, Australia

“I want you to know how much I appreciate your teaching.  You have given me new hope. I have learned so much from you…”
                                                                          Kathleen Clark, New York
“To learn is a gift God has given us. While I am in your class, my cup ‘runneth over‘ “
                                                                            Barbara Stalik, Texas
“It is such an honor to learn from a Master…This week was magical.  The techniques were proven and utilitarian.  You are more than a Master Art Teacher.  You illuminated truth. You evoked a spiritual
reverence for this truth, and you inspired me… You are a great teacher."                                            
                                                                             With deep respect, 
                                                                              Eileen Allen, North Carolina

“Thank you for teaching me how to really see, so that my paintings come alive!  You have helped to change so many people’s lives, including Jeff  (my husband) and myself.”        
                                                                            Ruth Lyon
                                                                             Sacramento, California

“I received the DVDs.  Happy days!  I watched the first one and was bowled over!  You are a wonderful teacher…clear, measured, engaging, and very easy on the eye.  I just wish I could attend your class, but, never mind….the DVDs are the next best thing! “
                                                                               Mary Mallon Sallee

“You have changed my life. The gift of your academic realism is such a blessed joy.  I am proud to be your student. You are the best portrait painter in the country.  That you would unselfishly spend your time teaching us students how to paint when you could have been doing your own thing is a gift from God.”
                                                                               Rebecca Tininenko
                                                                                Grand Forks
                                                                                 North Dakota

“I am enjoying the information so much, trying to implement it in the artwork that I do.  Thank you for your inspiration and for your willingness to pass on your knowledge and love for true art  with others.  I am so happy to be one of those with whom you have shared  it…"
                                                                                   Melody Chapman
                                                                                    Bay Point

“I am purely thankful for having you in my life, as a teacher and a friend."                                                        
                                                                               Hope Morrow Glidden
                                                                                 Summit, New York

"Frank Covino, you're the bomb!"

                                                                       16 year old Morgan Wilcox
                                                                               Idabelle, Oklahoma

“I haven’t painted since my dear sister died. Kind of took the wind out of my sails.  I recently attended another class….Sadly, it was pretty amateurish, compared to what we learned in your workshop, Frank.  I feel the artistic parts of my soul stirring to life again.  Please send your DVDs, as I hope to get back up to speed and attend some of your workshops this year.”
                                                                                          Sarita Simmons
                                                                                Shreveport,  Louisiana

“Thank you for the DVDs. They are very good!  I am truly excited!”
                                                                                             Lucian Manoli
                                                                                      Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Frank…You have made it possible for me to lift my brush, my spirit, and my soul. Thank you for everything, and for who you are…”
                                                                                       Patty Fulghum
                                                                                        North Carolina

“Frank…..As you rise to the challenges and privileges of 80 years of advanced maturity, please know this….You have had a huge and positive impact upon this man’s life!"
                                                                                     Dr. Brett Hightower
                                                                                        North Carolina

“Dear Frank……Thank you for sharing the vast wisdom and knowledge that you had to  earn.  P.S. You are!"
                                                                                             Tamera Teel
                                                                            Raleigh, North Carolina